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Idaho News 11/6/23

A Rupert female was killed Saturday evening near the Minico High school after walking out into traffic along Highway 25. Police say a 56 year old woman was near 300 West around 7:30 when she walked out into the westbound lane and was struck by a car. She died at the scene. The driver of the vehicle was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

This year is proving to be a deadly one for traffic accidents in Idaho. According to the Idaho Transportation Department, 222 people have died in crashes on Idaho roads this year. This is compared to 215 deaths in 2022. ITD says of the 222 people who died, 74 were not wearing seatbelts. Additionally, the most frequent type of fatal crash in Idaho is when a single vehicle leaves the roadway and crashes.

A Bomb Threat at Smiths Grocery Store in Twin Falls sent police looking through the building. Turns out it was a hoax. A caller notified the store that a bomb would go off unless they received an unspecified amount of Amazon and Apple gift cards.

Sarah Wondra the woman who police believe knows about the death of Michael Vaughan of Fruitland, was sentenced to three years in prison on unrelated charges. She was charged with aggravated assault, evidence destruction and possession of a controlled substance.

Kroger’s deal to scoop up Albertsons appears likely to face regulatory heat – but a decision might not come until “some point next year.” FTC Lina Khan said that her agency continues its review of Kroger’s proposed $24.6 billion acquisition of Boise-based Albertsons, which was announced more than a year ago.

There are about 1,500 fewer students in Idaho schools. Fall enrollment fell to 312,900 compared to 314,400 last year. In 2022, Idaho's population grew by 1.8%, making it the state with the second-highest growth rate behind Florida.

A recent designation could light the way for further innovations in nuclear energy in the state at a newly formed Idaho tech consortium. Along with the designation comes a $500,000 grant, which will help the agency apply for a second phase of funding worth anywhere from $40 million to $75 million.

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