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Local News 1/18/24

Two more state of Idaho road plows were damaged following separate collisions yesterday.  The first happened at 6 am on I-84 near milepost 173 near Twin Falls.  A semi-Truck failed to slow for the plow striking the back of the state rig.  A second occurred around 12:30 yesterday near Wendell.  Police say the plow driver was working the freeway when another semi-truck failed to slow and collided with the plow.  Both snowplow drivers were taken to the hospital for treatment.  The snowplows will be out of service for about 2 weeks. 

Traffic deaths in Idaho have reached a 20 year high while the numbers show that pedestrian deaths have doubled.  Over 277 people were killed in the gem state.  There were 16 pedestrian deaths in 2022 compared to 31 last year.

In Idaho Falls authorities have charged a 42 year old Spokane man with first degree murder of a missing woman.  He reportedly lived with her body for three weeks.  Chris Foiles allegedly admitted to killing 34 year old Megan Stedman.  Police were notified of a suspicious RV.  They found a 1973 Dodge RV, which was being looked for by Montana law enforcement in connection to Stedman, a missing endangered woman of Bozeman.

Trash collection was halted yesterday.  The next pickup will be next week.

The department of interior announced yesterday plans to increase renewable energy plans for federal land.  Renewable projects are planned for several western states and will include wind, solar and geothermal locations on public land. 

A new bill in the Idaho Legislature is designed to combat the use of artificial intelligence to manipulate a candidate’s recorded speech.  Yesterday, the House Judiciary, Rule and Administration Committee introduced a new bill that would allow a candidate to seek injunctive relief prohibiting the publication of the materials and seek damages.  They say AI generated images and videos have become sophisticated enough to mislead the public during election campaigns.

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