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Local News 10/23/23

Early voting in the magic valley opened today and there are many choices residents will decide on. Ballots include 15 city councils, 4 mayoral races and many school board contests. Election day is Tuesday November 7th.

Just after midnight Saturday a 27 year old man was killed on I-84 in Gooding County. Police say the man from Lubbock Texas drove lost control and rolled.

Republican Representative Mike Simpson was one who voted no against Jim Jordan for House speaker. Simpson said that he cannot vote for someone who has never voted for the farm bill and that he felt Jordan wouldn’t represent Idaho. Simpson’s vote was criticized by Idaho Republican Party chairwoman Dorothy Moon.

An initiative to increase clean energy production is picking up steam, solar and wind. The U.S. Department of Energy is supercharging its efforts in its Clean Energy initiative by researching potential partners in Idaho. The agency issued a request for information to identify industry partners who would be interested in developing clean energy projects in eastern Idaho.

Despite opposition from Northwest Democratic leaders, federal regulators voted unanimously Thursday to allow more natural gas to flow through Oregon, Idaho, Washington and northern California. It comes after more than a year of opposition from environmental groups and leaders in California, Oregon and Washington.

As the November 7 Election quickly approaches, campaign signs are out in full force around town and some signs are being illegally taken down. Stealing a sign could run you a $1,000 fine and possible jail time. They can't be on private property unless the owner gives permission. After the election, signs on public property must be removed within 48 hours.

The Centennial Park is back open but not the Snake River. The treatment for the Quagga Mussel is complete for now and the Twin Falls Sheriff’s office will be patrolling the site to make sure no one trespasses into the river. Officials say the fight against the mussels is not over yet.

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