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Local News 10/27/23

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit temporarily blocked an Idaho law scheduled to take effect Nov. 3 that would have prevented transgender students from using school facilities that match their gender identity. The law would have allowed students to sue their school for a minimum fine of $5,000 for each instance that the student encountered a person of the opposite sex while accessing a public school restroom, changing facility, or sleeping quarters. On Thursday, the Ninth Circuit granted a request for an injunction pending appeal.

24 year old Mathew Shoup of Twin Falls is facing 12 felony charges including sexual battery of a child and rape. He appeared in Magistrate court yesterday.

Afton Gailfus of Twin Falls was sentenced to five years in prison for the death of a motorcyclist on St. Patricks day. Police say the woman was driving a van when she didn’t yield to 25 year old Dylan Wormsbaker near County West in Twin Falls. She was on probation for Domestic Violence and drug charges at the time of the crash.

The judge in the trial of Brian Kohberger who is accused of murdering 4 U of I students told the defense no to throwing out the indictment of the grand jury. The defense claimed there was an error in the instructions. The judge said the information given out was standard in Idaho.

A Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based data center firm, with centers in Idaho, is creating the first internet exchange in the Gem State. Involta is working to deliver on its commitment to bring connectivity to areas where it is most needed. It announced recently that it is launching two nonprofit internet exchanges “to enhance local connectivity and reduce costs.”

The city of Boise and towns in Blaine County are taking the lead on establishing renewable energy policies in Idaho, experts said at a policy forum. Unlike neighboring states such as Washington, Oregon and Montana, Idaho has no renewable energy goals set by the Legislature. While some clean energy goals are coming from the private sector, such as Idaho Power Boise and Blaine County cities have also established their own goals.

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