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Local News 11/13/23

In an effort to begin setting state budgets earlier in legislative sessions, members of the Idaho Legislature’s Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee will shorten the public portion of their daily committee meetings beginning in 2024. Sen. C. Scott Grow of Eagle, and Rep. Wendy Horman, of Idaho Falls, discussed the upcoming changes during an interim meeting of the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee on Wednesday at the Idaho State Capitol in Boise.

The man accused of murdering four of his neighbors in Kellogg this summer made another court appearance Wednesday afternoon. Majorjon Kaylor defense asked the court to throw out his confession, saying officers and detectives did not read him his Miranda rights until hours after he was detained and had already made voluntary statements. ISP’s Justin Klitch said he read Kaylor his Miranda rights about a minute after they sat down.

Idaho’s largest two-year college wants to offer its first four-year degree. The College of Western Idaho could launch a bachelor’s program in business administration next fall, if the State Board of Education signs on. The program could allow students to receive a degree for about $20,000 in tuition costs. The other program in the state is a CSI program that’s for the food processing industry.

Idaho’s bankrupt Health Data Exchange was difficult to regulate because of how the state created and managed it, a watchdog report released last week found. Idaho legislators on the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee asked the watchdog evaluators whether the exchange could be shut down, whether Idaho’s health information stored on the privately-ran but publicly funded exchange is secure and what next steps the Legislature can take. The answer: its complicated and more debate is sure to come.

A vigil is set for today at the University of Idaho. Today is the one year anniversary for the murders of our UI students at their off campus home on King Road in Moscow. All Idahoans are encouraged to turn on their porch lights between 6 and 7 pm today to show their support.

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