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Local News 12/20/23

Jeremy Best who has been charged with the death of his wife and their unborn baby is now facing charges of killing his 10 month old son.  The third count of first degree murder follows the discovery of Zeke Best who was found in the back country of Bonneville County near the location where Best was arrested.  Court documents say a knife was used on Zeke’s neck.

Two Idaho Businessmen are facing charges of bid rigging and defrauding the U.S. Forest service.  Authorities identified the men as 60 year old Ike Tomlinson of Territon and 61 year old Kris Bird of Salmon.  According to court documents, the charges arise from years of phone calls and other communications between the two men to submit firefighting equipment bids to the Forest Service to undercut competitors and maximize their own profits.

Today is the deadline for Idahoans to pay their property taxes.  This year, the Idaho Legislature cut property taxes by more than $300 million.  Under Idaho law, taxpayers can split their payment in half – paying half of their taxes by Dec. 20 and the second half by June 20 – without incurring a late charge or interest. But if taxpayers miss the Dec. 20 deadline, Idaho law requires a 2% late charge on delinquent payments.

A man wanted for murdering an elderly couple in Oregon nearly two years ago has been spotted in neighboring Idaho.  Police say several tipsters have come forward saying they've seen 27-year-old Dylan J. Harrington in the small town of Ponderay, just north of Sandpoint in recent weeks.

Those ads that talk about free solar panels are a scam.  They target Idaho Power customers and are found on social media.  Idaho Power said they do not sell solar products.  The ads claim they are partnered with Idaho Power. 

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is once again offering free naloxone.  The nasal spray will rapidly reverse an overdose from opioids.  Contact Health and Welfare for more information.

The Idaho Land Board distributed income from endowment lands to the state.  A total of 61 million will be given to the state.  Most of it goes to Idaho Schools.

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