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Local News 2/9/24

After trying to send a message to the Biden Administration alongside more than a dozen other Republican governors at the Texas-Mexico border, Governor Brad Little is calling on the federal government to secure the southern border.  This past weekend Governor Little joined Texas Governor Greg Abbott and 13 other governors in Eagle Pass for a briefing about border issues. Little said the cartels not the American government and not the Mexico government are controlling access into our country.  Governor Little is demanding action from the Biden Administration to secure the border.

A bill giving Idahoans living in mobile home parks a better chance to buy their park is heading to the House floor. The Idaho House Business Committee held a public hearing on a bill that would require owners to give 15 days of notice to a mobile home park association before a park is sold.

Republican state lawmakers in Idaho ousted a senior member of the Republican leadership in an escalation of a dispute over the way budgets for state agencies are passed.  Rep. Megan Blanksma of Hammett was removed from her position as House majority leader. The vote came a day after Blanksma was the lone House leader to oppose budgets passed by a panel of lawmakers, a controversial new process.  Mike Moyle remains speaker of the house.

The Idaho Senate on Thursday narrowly passed a bill to require insurance companies to cover six months supplies of contraceptives.  The Idaho Senate approved it on a 19-16 vote. The bill would require insurance companies to provide up to a six-month supply of prescribed contraceptives to people covered.

Three Creek resident Kim Brackett has been elected policy division chair of the national cattlemen’s beef association.  She operates a ranch on the Idaho Nevada Boarder. 

42 year old Erika Brock appeared in court yesterday.  She faces accessory to first degree murder charges of William Eaken of Jerome. The Judge suggested maintains contact with counsel if she wanted to avoid being taken back into custody. She will return back to court at the end of March.

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