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Local News 3/6/24

In Pocatello a Jury said that Brad Compher was guilty of 1st degree murder in the stabbing death of Nori Jones in her Pocatello Home.  It happened in 2004.  The jury took four hours to convict Compher.

Police in Fruitland have sent their case of the missing 2 year old Michael Vaughan to the Payette County Prosecutors office.  Officials believe that there is enough evidence to believe Vaughan’s body was buried on the property of Sarah and Stacy Wondra.  The body they believed was moved to another location. 

A sentence will be handed down next Monday for 42 year old Dessa Hadzor.  She was the former clerk for the city of Hansen who was charged with misuse of public funds.  Court documents show she was charged with spending over $451 dollars in fraudulent charges on a city credit card in 2021.

Idaho National Guard active duty combat deployments could require a formal war declaration by Congress under a new bill the Idaho Senate approved Monday.  Congress, which has the exclusive power to declare war, has not officially declared war since World War II, roughly 80 years ago.

A bill that would add monthly reporting requirements and change deadlines for ballot initiatives is advancing in the Idaho Legislature over the objection of the majority of people who testified Tuesday. If passed into law, the bill would move up the deadline for the last day to gather signatures by one month, require supporters of an initiative to turn in signatures to their county clerk for verification on a monthly basis and it would allow people who signed an initiative to be able to remove their name from the list.

House members in Idaho voted to have the State Board of Education reconsider the nonprofit organization need to move forward with the 685 million dollar purchase of the University of Phoenix by the U of I.  The move if approved would give the state legislature a chance to take the issue to court. 

Singer, actor and dancer Donny Osmond on Tuesday, announced his "Direct from Vegas Tour," and one of his stops is in Idaho.  Osmond's show will be hosted at the Idaho Central Arena in Boise on Aug. 8. Tickets go on sale Friday.

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