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Local news 4/23/24

The price of Education is going up.  The state board of education has approved tuition increases for the public four year colleges and university.  The cost ranges from 7600 to over 9000 a semester.  That reflects the 3 percent increase while to board told the schools to become more efficient.

Idaho drivers are currently experiencing a lull in rising gas prices, but the state average could top the $4 mark soon.  According to AAA, the average price for a gallon of regular in the Gem State jumped seven cents in a two-day span last week before hovering near $3.93 since Wednesday.  Today’s price is also 42 cents more than a month ago.  Meanwhile, the national average currently sits at $3.67 per gallon.  It’s cheapest in Michigan at $3.10.

The Idaho Department of Labor announced today that Idaho led the nation in year-over-year nonfarm job growth for the month of March and that Idaho’s labor force continues to grow. Idaho also came in second place for best economic outlook and best economic performance.

The bird flu is spreading quickly.  Researchers around the world are growing more uneasy with the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza in US dairy cows as the virus continues to make its way into new herds and states. Several experts say the US is not sharing enough information from the federal investigation.  Right now, there are 32 herds affected in 8 states including Idaho.

Week three of the trial of the State of Idaho vs. Chad Daybell started with retired F.B.I. Agent Doug Hart on the witness stand. After testimony from the former agent, Lori Vallow's son Colby Ryan took the stand, describing the last moments he shared with his siblings Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow.  

Lawyers for Bryan Kohberger, the man accused of stabbing to death four Idaho college students in 2022, can continue their survey of prospective jurors in the state, the judge overseeing his case has ruled.   That survey which had become a source of pretrial contention can now proceed without changing any of the questions, including the nine with which prosecutors have taken issue.

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