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Local News 5/13/24

Heading into the May 21 primary, Idaho’s legislative campaigns are costly and convoluted.  At least 21 legislative candidates have cobbled together more than $50,000 into their campaigns so far this election cycle. And on top of this, independent groups are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the primary mostly on negative ads and mailers.

Matthew Weaver the director for the Idaho Department of Water Resources issued a new order Friday.  It called for water districts in the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer region to address deficiencies to ensure that they were mitigating for the predicted 74-thousand 100 acre foot shortfall to senior water users.  They have until this Friday to comply. 

A 47-year-old man from Challis, Curtis Lee Caton, is in custody at the Lemhi County Jail after he shot at minors, their parents and then had a standoff with police for six hours.  On Saturday around 11:25 p.m., officers went to the area in Challis. Caton and several minors were involved in a disturbance and police said Caton fired at them as they left. Some parents later went to confront Caton at his house, but he then fired at them, hitting several vehicles.

A fire broke out just before midnight Friday at the Paul Amalgamated Sugar Company.  The blaze was contained to the pulp shreds warehouse.  Company officials said no other part of the plant was damaged.  The company is working to determine the cause of the fire.  It’s estimated there was $10 million dollars in damages.  A similar fire occurred at their Twin Falls facility in March of 2021.

A nature-loving doctor was killed in an avalanche on Friday while he was skiing in Idaho, authorities say.  Ketchum, Idaho, resident Dr. Terrence "Terry" O'Connor was identified as the sole victim of the avalanche, officials said. The 48-year-old was skiing with a partner on Donaldson Peak in the Lost River Range when he accidentally triggered the snowslide, according to authorities.

If you live outside city limits and plan to burn yard waste or crop residue, you'll need to get a burn permit. Burn permits are required now thru October 20.   The permits are free and good for ten days and not needed for a campfire.

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