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Local News 5/15/24

Last month when President Joe Baden went to the Micron Technology plant in New York he said the company including Boise’s location would get a $6.1 billion dollar grant to build plants.  Now it turns out that could be more than 20 billion with federal state and local incentives.  Micron says it will spend $50 billion through 2030.  In exchange for that federal taxpayer support, Micron has said it would hire 4,800 in Clay and 2,000 in Idaho.

The quadruple murder hearings for Brian Kohberger was vacated.  They will resume next Thursday.  The defense is requesting new evidence including cellphone tower data, a video of a vehicle seen near 1122 King Road where the murders were committed and information relating to a drive test.  A change of venue is set for June 27th.

Idaho Democrats will hold their presidential nominating caucus from 5-8 p.m. local time on May 23, giving Democrats across the state the chance to vote for their party’s presidential nominee.  Although President Joe Biden secured enough delegates to clinch the Democratic Party’s nomination for president back in March, there are six candidates who have qualified to appear on the ballot for the Democratic caucus.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says they will pay dairy farms with confirmed avian influenza infections to help contain the virus’ spread to people and more cows.  The virus was first identified in a Texas farm in March and has since been discovered in 41 others in a total of nine states, including Idaho.

A change of command at Gowen Field is set to take place this Friday morning at 10 am.  This will signify the transfer of authority between outgoing commander Col. Eric Orcutt and the incoming commander, Col. Jason Gracida for the 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat team.

The Twin Falls Education Foundation said they are giving over 40-thousand dollars to district educators to meet classroom needs. Each year, teachers spend hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of dollars out-of-pocket to help students succeed.

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