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Local News 5/6/24

Electricity demand in the Northwest is expected to grow more than 30% in the next decade, or about 5% more than estimated last year and triple the prediction three years ago, industry experts said in a new report.  In 2022, the committee projected demand would grow about 1% each year to 2032. In its latest report, the committee projects demand in the Northwest will grow at least 3% per year until 2034.

The vehicular manslaughter charge against 21 year old Braxton Streling was bound over to district court.  The Heyburn man was charged in the death of 20 year old Peyton Walton. In September of last year authorities found the victim’s body.  He had been run over after allegedly running into a cornfield.  It’s alleged that Streling was performing reverse donuts with his vehicle.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little says he did not veto a new transportation budget that blocks the state’s sale of the ITD’s former Boise headquarters because he worried about jeopardizing $200 million in state funding for road and bridge repairs.  Little let House Bill 770 become law without his signature. Now the sale cancellation is headed to court.

A private landfill in Elmore County is at the center of a legal showdown.  The bank that loaned Idaho Regional waste services funds say the operator of the facility on Simco road needs to make payments on a 12-million dollar loan.  They have filed with the court to try and get their money.  This follows the county revoking the conditional use permit for the landfill and shutting it down following a series of ‘constant violations’ over the improper disposal of tires last August.

Early voting for the May 21 Primary Elections begins in Idaho today and continues throughout most of the month. Voting hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. thru May 17.

The war between Israel and Hamas continues, as do the protests calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.  Several pro-Palestinian encampments have popped up throughout the country, including one at the Ada county courthouse.  Those tents remained up through the weekend.

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