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News 10/13/23

The preliminary hearing for Athena Miller has been moved to October 31st. She is charged with the murder of her boyfriend Roger Driesel whose body was found under a tarp at his home in Gooding. Athena admitted to authorities during previous interviews with law enforcement that she asked her nephew, Nicholas James to kill her boyfriend. Nicholas James status hearing has been postponed until October 31 as well.

The fallout from the Republican Party’s dispute continued this week as the members of at least two GOP county central committees say Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon and other statewide leaders are dividing the party. The Bingham County Republican Central Committee filed a lawsuit last month to block Moon from stepping in to hold an election to fill county leadership positions. Six officials with the Ada County Republican Central Committee resigned after alleging bullying tactics by state party leaders.

For Idaho absentee voters and people who want to register to vote online, today is the deadline to register to vote or update their registration. Voters can register or update their registration online at or in person.

Idaho State Department of Agriculture workers will wrap up their efforts today to deploy the Natrix Pesticide in the Snake River to eradicate the Quaga Mussel. Over a two-week treatment about 40,000 gallons of the chemical was used.

One person was injured after a natural gas transmission line was damaged by an excavator in Middleton yesterday morning. A worker struck the transmission line causing an explosion. Authorities began evacuating residents in a 4 mile area. That was lifted just before noon.

The Idaho Supreme Court’s ruling that a police drug dog performed an illegal search in Mountain Home 4 years ago stands. The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to make a decision. In 2019 Kirby Dorff was convicted of drug possession and delivery appealed the conviction. The courts decided the drug dogs actions was a warrantless search.

The state of Idaho has issued a death warrant for the execution of Thomas Creech, who is a convicted murderer who has been incarcerated on Death Row for over 40 years. Creech is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Nov. 8.

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