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News 10/6/23

The ISDA’s treatment for the quagga mussel on the Snake River has started and officials say they expect a large amount of fish to die. The treatment plan will be spread over a 10 day period. The treatment began Tuesday.

An opinion from the Idaho Attorney General’s Office says opioid settlement funds spent in recovery centers must go exclusively toward people who have issues with opioids. The opinion which Idaho health officials say limits Idaho in ways different from other states would make it hard to fund recovery centers.

The Idaho fish and game said a hunter was forced to shoot and kill a grizzly bear in self-defense near Henrys Lake. It happened September 28th while the man was hunting elk through heavy timber. The female bear charged the hunter and was shot several times.

Gooding commissioners have signed a Quagga mussel resolution declaring an emergency. The commissioners are reminding the public of the Snake River closure from the Twin Falls dam to Niagara Springs south of Wendell.

Micron in Boise has started the construction of a memory chip manufacturing facility. The company said this will be the first facility built in the last 20 years in the United States. The cost? $15-billion dollars making it the largest private investment in Idaho history.

The first phase of a three-phase dairy processing project in Burley is on track to be completed by April 2024. Suntado a company specializing in dairy processing and packing is steadily progressing project leaders say. Along with the completion of phase one, 60 to 80 employees will be hired. Phase two is slated to be complete in 2025 and phase three in 2027. Each phase will include the hiring of additional 60-80 employees, the company said.

Idaho’s population growth has been growing fast so quickly that the state had the No. 1 growth rate in the nation at 21.5 % from 2012-2022, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Idaho's fast-growing population doesn't mean growth is happening evenly either throughout the state or by age group according to Labor Economist Lisa Grigg said.

Four teens were arrested following a large fight Tuesday at Brothers Park in Caldwell. Police said the fight appears to be gang-related, involving 15 to 20 juveniles.

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