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Wednesday 4/3/24

Idaho U.S. District Court Judge B. Lynn Winmill issued an order that will require the Idaho Department of Correction to disclose some additional information regarding the chemicals it planned to use in the execution of Gerald Pizzuto Jr.  The order comes following the failed execution of Thomas Creech in February. The source of the chemicals that were set to be used in that execution is still unknown.  His execution has been stayed since March 9, 2023, while litigation continues.

The Idaho Legislature approved two bills that would define sex as either “male or female” and block government entities from compelling employees to use preferred personal titles or pronouns that don’t correspond with people’s biological sex. The bills now go to Idaho Gov. Brad Little for consideration.

The Idaho Senate passed a budget to fund $253 million in new spending for Idaho Medicaid, and take back nearly $278 million in unspent funds.  It’s now headed to the house. 

A trailer bill combining the many proposed fixes to Idaho’s sweeping school facilities bill was introduced and passed by the House yesterday. 

Today the Idaho legislators are the Idaho Transportation budget.  The sticking point is whether to block the sale of the ITD’s former Boise Headquarters before passing the transportation budget.

Police in Jackpot arrested a Nevada man yesterday after residents in the border town reported gunfire at a RV park.  36 year old Emigdio Sanchez-Aguilar was taken into custody.  Two small children and a handgun in a room along with spent casings were found near the RV. 

Jury selection continues in  a Ada county courtroom for the murder trial of Chad Daybell.  At last check, 20 potential jurors have been selected however 50 are needed before the state and defense can ben to strike up to 16.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community released 48,000 hearts throughout the Capital floor yesterday.  The hearts represent how many Idahoans identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community according to the organizers.  Attendees said this was an act of love and a sense of community.

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